Discover how Diamond Glow can give you radiant skin.

Diamond Glow is the newest of the super hydrating facial treatments in Scottsdale.  It has evolved from the SilkPeel and Dermal Infusion technologies and you will see the names used interchangeably for a while.  This treatment has the distinct advantage of being part of the SkinMedica/Allergan family.  The great skin care advances developed by SkinMedica are now being applied to the hydrating/exfoliating facial with the ability to infuse serums deep into the skin.

These SkinMedica infusions can be customized for the individual problems and concerns of every patient.  Diamond Glow is a wonderful option for improving skin health and beauty, especially when combined with SkinMedica skin care products. Diamond Glow combines the power of Allergan serums, water, exfoliation and vacuum pressure to remove impurities, feed the skin, and super hydrate simultaneously.The result is calm, plump and glowing skin.

This treatment is appropriate for every skin type, has no downtime, and is perfect on its own and to compliment more aggressive aesthetics treatments. Aging, acne prone, dehydrated or dull, tired looking skin can all be addressed with one of the multiple serums available to be infused for personally customized treatments.

In scientific studies a series of 6 treatments has been shown to:

  • Volumize skin by 70%
  • Improve overall skin radiance
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Enhance the affects of at home skin care
  • Boost cell turnover