Skin seems to become looser over time and this happens for a number of reasons. Van Dyke Aesthetics has options to tighten skin on the face and body.

One cause of skin becoming looser is due to the effect of environmental stress on elastic fibers and collagen fibers in the skin. Environmental stress can be sun, pollution, diet and even just plain stress. In addition, we lose facial volume because our facial fat pads diminish as we age.

As a result the breakdown of these fibers causes laxity, increasing over years. Gravity combined with volume loss pulls the looser skin downwards. The face will show some “jowling” as early as the 30′s. Puffiness and bags under the eyes can also be due in part to skin laxity. Laxity elsewhere on the body can show as fine crinkly lines and wrinkles and can exacerbate the appearance of cellulite.

Thermage skin tightening is a great treatment to improve eyelid hooding and loose skin around eyes and face. The procedure works by stimulating new collagen growth to tighten and contour skin without surgery or downtime

Volume loss will cause laxity to appear more prominent. A different approach to laxity is to replace lost volume. Our facial bones, fat and muscle actually get smaller as we age. Fillers such as Voluma can replace lost volume and result in an excellent lift!

Skin care products can also be used to treat skin laxity by supporting new collagen production and improving the appearance of skin.

Many patients have been able to delay facelifts because of the very nice results that can be obtained by fillers and non invasive or minimally invasive cosmetic procedures.

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