Avéli is an effective cellulite reduction solution to help you achieve smoother and toned skin.

What is it?

Introducing AVELI, the cutting-edge FDA-approved solution for cellulite reduction on the buttocks and thighs, achieving remarkable results in less than an hour! Setting itself apart from other cellulite treatments in the market, AVELI is a minimally invasive procedure that offers unparalleled precision and verification, ensuring the complete release of fibrous bands for a more effective and targeted outcome.

What to expect

Anticipate initial tenderness, bruising, and swelling following the procedure, typically resolving within 30 days. While just one day of downtime is possible, many women opt for a few days before resuming their regular routines. As swelling and bruising subside, a visibly smoother skin texture emerges in the treated area. Enjoy enduring results with a long-lasting transformation.

After the procedure

After your Aveli treatment concludes, our surgical team ensures optimal recovery by wrapping the treated areas with cushioned pads, absorbent dressing, and snug compression leggings. You'll be capable of driving yourself home post-Aveli cellulite treatment. While most patients experience moderate discomfort for one to two days and mild discomfort for up to two weeks, along with some expected bruising and tenderness, normal activities can typically be resumed within 24 hours. Engaging in light physical activity over the next two weeks is encouraged. Noticeable results begin to manifest within four weeks, with the full transformative effects visible within 90 days.

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