Wrinkles and fine lines on the face are one of the most visible signs of ageing. 

They’re caused by the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin – as we age, our bodies can’t produce enough collagen to replenish what has been lost, so the skin begins to lose its strength and elasticity over time.

Other factors can play into lines and wrinkles too. Smoking, for example, can speed up the skin’s ageing process, and sun exposure can put you on a fast track to increased wrinkles all over the face.

Fine Lines

Fine lines are very superficial, meaning they are only as deep as the topmost layer of your skin. They are small and shallow and may be hard to see initially. Most people don’t notice these lines forming because they are so “fine”, but they usually tend to form in your twenties and early thirties.


Wrinkles form when fine lines are not treated quickly and begin to deepen. Wrinkles tend to form in certain areas of the face more quickly, often progressing into deep facial folds. They often form in areas where fine lines have formed, in areas where your face has gradually suffered volume loss, areas where your skin has begun to sag, or in areas of repetitive motion. Left untreated, wrinkles can lead to deep creases. Nasolabial folds are also common wrinkles that form between the corners of your mouth and the nose.


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