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That was the year that was!

By Dr. Susan Van Dyke
January 5, 2015

About a year ago I realized that 2014 would be the year that I would turn 60. And yes indeed, I did become a sexagenarian on October 1. So my New Year’s resolution last January was to take my own advice. I have spent the last 30 years counseling patients on how to look great for where they are in life (it isn’t about staying young, it’s best to accept that aging is inevitable, might as well enjoy it). As a cosmetic dermatologist I know how to use non-invasive procedures to make a real difference in people’s lives. So this past year I did a few things for myself, and then blogged about it.

December: SkinMedica Lytera/Retinol/TNS Essential Serum
I started on a really comprehensive skin care plan. It’s not that I have not used various products over the years, I am forever receiving new lotions and potions from cosmeceutical companies trying to gain my favor so that we will offer their products to our patients. The downside is that I rarely stuck to a real regimen. Finally I put my skin first.

January: Ultherapy, face and neck; Thermage, eyes; Liposonix thighs*; Thermage Body, thighs.
I did all of these procedures on the same day! All are non invasive and take a few months to reach optimal results. I tackled facial laxity, thigh cellulite and sagging in one fell swoop.

February: IPL, neck
After years of exposing my fair skin to the AZ sun (and after numerous sunburns at the Jersey Shore as a kid) I had become a real “red neck”. IPL is ideal for reducing redness.

March: CoolSculpting, bra fat
I started a new life style of healthy eating and exercise and to kick start my plans I killed some unattractive back fat.

April: Voluma, midface; Belotero, liplines
Along with a new healthier lifestyle, I lost some weight and it all came off of my face. Volume loss plagues all of us starting in middle age (I will let you decide what middle age is) and is worse with weight loss. Voluma (an injectable filler that lasts up to 2 years) puts it back and with instant gratification. The Belotero (injectable filler for etched-in lines) was for my annoying lip lines.

May: miraDry, armpits
This reduces armpit sweating! No more deodorant, antiperspirant, white marks on my little black dress and no more throwing out white shirts because of yellow stains. My most surprising gratifying procedure: minimal sweat and no odor without chemicals, and results were immediate.

June: Fraxel, face, neck and chest; Active FX upper lip lines
Age spots, pre-cancers, sun damage, fine lines all improved with resurfacing. Remember, I spent summers at the Jersey Shore, too much sun before I knew better.

July: Dysport, upper face
Botox/Dysport/Xeomen are all neuromodulators. They all are effective at reducing movement related wrinkles like frown lines and crow’s feet.

August: Voluma, jawline*
I have always hated my profile: weak chin and jawline. My friend Dr. Heidi Waldorf (Mt Sinai, NY, NY) added volume to these areas, and the results were more than gratifying to me.

September: miraDry, 2nd treatment, armpits
At least 30% of people need 2 treatments for best results.

October: Latisse
Eyelashes are an unexpected casualty of aging. Latisse topical solution adds length, thickness and darkness to wimpy eyelashes when applied daily. Easy enough!

November: Botox, neck.*
Surprisingly to some, the neck skin is lined by a thin muscle. With age, we develop unattractive “neck cords” that respond very well to a little relaxation from a neuromodulator.
* these procedures are considered “off label” by the FDA. Although they are well researched and shown to be effective the FDA has not yet ruled on them since the data has not been reported to them at this time

Over the past year, I’ve been able to experience the procedures that my staff and I perform on a daily basis. I have also experienced the great results of non-invasive procedures. I often say that what we offer is something between doing nothing and having significant plastic surgery. Now I think the results from our combinations of non-invasive treatments are actually better. Not looking “done” is a great thing. Seriously, people have commented that I look better than I did 10 years ago.

As I write this, awaiting the birth of my second grandchild, I must say that 60 is indeed the new 40. I couldn’t be happier to be the best I can be for where I am in life.

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