Daily life damages your hair and Eclipse’s new solution can help fight hair loss

Stress, diet and environmental pollutants can weaken the health of hair.

Eclipse FolliCeuticals MD™ offers a combination approach to support fuller, healthier-looking hair, with a two-step system to target hair from the inside and the outside. The complete system combines a physician-formulated dietary supplement with unique men’s and women’s formulas, and a topical foam to support fuller, healthy looking hair.


Eclipse FolliCeuticals MD™ is a comprehensive hair system that combines a topical foam and a dietary supplement to enhance in-office treatments with an at-home program.

  • Proprietary blends for Men and Women
  • Daily vitamin + daily probiotic + dietary supplement
  • Fast-absorbing topical hair foam
  • Contains all-natural vitamins and plant-based ingredients
  • Oral supplement, 100% drug free