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Cellfina ™ Cellulite Reduction Phoenix, AZ

Finally, Cellulite treatment that lasts!

What does Cellfina treat?

Finally! A cellulite treatment that actually works. It is best for the dimples of cellulite that form on the buttocks, back of the thighs, and front of the thighs. It does not address the lax or saggy skin that can sometimes be seen on the front of the thighs above the knees. Skin laxity is best treated with Thermage or Ultherapy.

Is Cellfina surgery?

Cellfina is considered a minimally invasive cellulite reduction procedure. What that means is that the treated area is numbed up with an injection of lidocaine (similar to what the dentist does) and then a small puncture is made in the skin near the dimple. A tiny little blade is introduced and quickly snips the fibrous cord that is pulling the skin down (causing the dimple).

What are possible side effects of Cellfina?

Cellfina side effects are very minimal and short lived. You can expect bruising that may last a number of weeks. Tenderness and soreness are normal, but pain is rare. In the healing process, many patients feel lumps under the skin. These resolve within a month or so and represent the healing process of the tissue. If any serious side effects arise after Cellfina treatment, contact Dr. Van Dyke or call 911 immediately.

Do I need multiple treatments of Cellfina?

One Cellfina treatment is all that is needed to release the dimples and receive optimal results in most patients.

Cellfina before & after cellulite treatment scottsdale, AZ

Results from one Cellfina™ treatment after two years. Unretouched photos. Individual results may vary. (28-year-old female patient treated for cellulite on buttocks).

Cellfina before & after cellulite treatment scottsdale Arizona

Results from one Cellfina™ treatment after two years. Unretouched photos. Individual results may vary. (49-year-old female patient treated for cellulite on buttocks).

How long do I need to take off work/activities after Cellfina treatment?

Because you will be sore when sitting on treated areas, you may want to take a pillow to sit on at work. Actually most of our patients return to work either the same day or the day after treatment. Wearing snug yoga pants or Spanx for the first week or two is suggested to reduce the soreness. Dr. Van Dyke also suggests that you refrain from vigourous exercise for the first few days and then gradually return to your routine.

Where on the body can Cellfina treat?

The best areas Cellfina can treat is where dimples are present. On most patients that includes the buttocks, but also the backs and sides of the upper legs.

Do I have to be my ideal body weight to have Cellfina treatment?

Your weight is not a factor when it comes to Cellfina cellulite reduction. Both thin and heavy patients suffer from the dimpling of cellulite. Because Cellfina specifically address the cause of cellulite (the fibrous cord that pulls the skin down), you will see improvement at any weight.

Is Cellfina Treatment permanent?

The studies are now over 3 years old and the original study patients report 95% satisfaction rate at 3 years. There is no reason to believe that these dimples with recur so it looks like this is a permanent solution. Bear in mind though that with aging you may form additional dimples. These can of course be treated with Cellfina if the time comes.

How much does Cellfina cost?

Costs for Cellfina treatment vary depending on the extents of the dimples to be treated. At Van Dyke Aesthetics, we offer low-cost, affordable, flexible financing plans with CareCredit.

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