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All I wanted for Christmas was Two New Lasers!

By adminW
January 7, 2016

Clear + Brilliant Pelo by Solta & Cool Mini and Cool Smooth by CoolSculpting

My accountant asked me why I keep buying new lasers. She says I could be rich if I quit spending tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on new technology every year. I’ve been doing this since 1995, $120,000 bought me my first cosmetic laser (yes, just one for 120K). Since that time I have owned 25 laser and laser like devices (not including the dozens of software upgrades and added hand pieces and applicators that keep the machines up to date). Commonly referred to as energy based devices some of these machines are true lasers, others harness the power of ultrasound, radiofrequency, electromagnetic energy, cold and light to achieve varied and specific benefits. I love all of my machines and I want more!

It’s not that I have a shopping problem. Actually I hate shopping. In fact I am pretty cheap (that’s why gambling doesn’t appeal to me, I don’t want to waste the money). My Dad taught me to save money and avoid being in debt. He said: they don’t build casinos on winner! But he also taught me to be discerning, selective: quality not flash.

So why the compulsion to buy machines? Technology changes rapidly and the only way to give my patients the best is to be forever looking at what is new. In 2016 there will be over 45 plastic surgery conferences and at least as many dermatology conferences featuring cosmetic procedures. There are 41 companies that produce devices to treat sun damage and wrinkles and another 54 that cater to body sculpting and tightening. Hundreds of machines are available in the US (thousands around the world). New machines that treat things that never could be treated before are invented, old machines are updated and newer faster safer versions appear.
Of course money does not grow on trees (another DAD-ism) and we can only use so many machines so how do I decide what to buy?? I go for quality, “gold standard” technology, FDA approved and backed with significant academic studies that show safety and efficacy. I am not a price shopper. The companies I favor are established and reputable, often I know the CEO and have purchased devices from them before (I’ve been around a long time). I also look for sophisticated high energy machines not the dumbed down idiot proof versions sold cheaply to spas. Because my staff is so well trained they don’t need machines with “training wheels” that trade results for cookie cutter settings. Like a car with one speed (slow) and no turning (limited flexibility) so even a child can’t get in trouble. I’d rather have a car with all the capabilities.

I also look at new and emerging uses for machines. Who knew even a few years ago that you could permanently reduce underarm hair, odor and sweat? (miraDry/miraSmooth), eliminate forever a double chin (CoolSculpting), tighten up saggy skin (Ultherapy), reduce scars and stretch marks (Total Fx, Fraxel), dramatically improve melasma, mask of pregnancy (Clear + Brilliant Permea). Gold standard laser hair removal has now reached a point where a man’s entire back can be treated in 15 minutes instead of 3 hours (Pelo). Today we have 14 machines in the office. The newest additions arrived in time for Christmas (I got to play Santa).

    • Clear + Brilliant pelo laser hair removal Clear + Brilliant Pelo by Solta. This is a much faster and more comfortable permanent hair reduction laser using the gold standard diode laser with a new twist. The energy is delivered across a large area rather than hitting a smaller area with one big zap. Pelo still has the same permanent results with a series of treatments as the older LightSheer that it is replacing. I’ve had a hold dozen Solta machines and the quality and reliability can’t be beat.
  • Cool Mini and Cool Smooth by CoolSculpting. We have had CoolSculpting for a number of years. It is hands down the best, easiest and most comfortable way to reduce bulges permanently (you probably guessed I like permanent results). The new part is in the two applicators: Mini and Smooth. MINI is, well, mini. It fits under the chin, on the inner knee, even on little bra fat bulges. The principal of cooling the fat and thereby reducing it is the same as for the previous applicators. SMOOTH is a flat applicator great for outer thighs and anywhere that the fat is flat and not “pinchable”. We used to say “if you can pinch an inch, we can treat it”. Now no pinching needed!

I look forward to sharing these fun new high tech toys with some free office events. You’ll be able to see treatments and ask questions to your heart’s content (and we always have some goodies and special deals).
What a great way to start the New Year ☺

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