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Turning 60 Is No Sweat!

By Dr. Susan Van Dyke
June 2, 2014

drvandykeThis month is something different: I am doing something BRAND NEW and I am not sweating it one bit. My new toy, gadget, highly technical piece of equipment is miraDry. MiraDry gives you practically sweat free armpits after one or two treatments.

I had my first treatment yesterday. No, I do not have a serious sweating problem. I have a serious wardrobe problem, namely: I can’t keep a white shirt for more than a half dozen wearings! Icky, yellowish marks come from nowhere and increase progressively until my only option is to donate to Goodwill (they probably don’t want them either) or walk around with my arms plastered to my sides hoping no one notices the tell-tale sign that, yes, I do indeed sweat. Light colored silk can be an issue too with small dark crescents forming under my arms just when I want to look fabulous. Again, the solution: keep my arms by my side.

So I have decided to sweat like a lady!

MiraDry is an FDA cleared noninvasive procedure that provides long lasting results by destroying sweat glands under the surface of the skin. Kind of like laser hair removal where hair follicles are targeted and destroyed. Sweat glands don’t regrow (and by the way, only 2% of your sweat glands live in your armpits so you will never miss them). More than 90% of people treated had dramatic decreases in sweating immediately after one or two treatments, and miraDry has an incredible 95% satisfaction rating on RealSelf.com.

Of course Botox is also approved to treat underarm sweating and I have treated many patients with Botox injections with great results. Unfortunately Botox has to be repeated at least once a year. From a cost and time commitment point of view, miraDry is a much better value!

If you are a really heavy sweater (change your shirt multiple times a day) this treatment is life changing. This condition is referred to as hyperhidrosis and can be devastating to one’s social and professional life.

If you are like me and are simply bothered by sweat you will get great benefits, too. You can be pretty confident that you will never have to check for sweat stains again (and save tons on deodorants, dry cleaning and new white shirts). Did I mention two of the side effects are actually benefits: odor is reduced and so is under arm hair!

Back to me: I had miraDry last night. My nurse numbed my armpits with a local anesthetic (I felt a few pinches). The applicator was placed on my skin and a warm pulse of energy was delivered. This was repeated multiple times. I felt no pain during the treatment and it took about 20 minutes for each side.   After treatment I applied ice to each side to reduce the swelling and soreness that are expected when the anesthesia wears off. When I woke up this morning I honestly had forgotten that I had had anything done. I had no pain at all. I did see some local swelling under each arm (about golf ball size) and have had some mild soreness and tenderness which should disappear in a couple of days.

So far I haven’t sweated a drop. If in 3 months there is still some sweat I can have miraDry done again for even better result. In the meantime, I think I will go buy a new white blouse!

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