The Real Cellulite Solution

January 1, 2019
By: Michelle Tiano, PA-C

I don’t care how old or young you are, there is probably something about your body that summer reveals that you would rather keep to yourself. My bikini days may be over but I still want the bod to be attractive.

Thanks, Lululemon for yoga pants that we now seem to live in:  comfortable, easy to wear, BUT not attire that conceals much. Cellulite seems to be able to shine through and of course there is no hiding the saddlebags, muffin tops, etc... I could go on.

There have been some great breakthroughs on dealing with this uniquely feminine problem known as cellulite. It doesn’t matter if you are skinny or not, ALMOST 90% OF WOMEN DEVELOP CELLULITE! Skinny, curvy, muscular and even toned women can all experience the dimpling on butt and thighs known as cellulite.


It's basic biology. Fibrous threads connect from your skin to the underlying structures. Think about it like a quilt. The threads of a quilt create the surface depressions and an interesting surface. Sadly, our threads just cause dimpling which creates anything but an interesting surface. We want smooth.

So, what is the answer?

Over centuries everything has been tried, creams, lotions, massage, lasers, liposuction and even surgery. Nothing has given any long-term results and the surgical and liposuction options have frequently made the situation worse.

Here’s a thought: what if we selectively snip those offending threads? We just have to use a tiny instrument the size of a needle to draw blood to clip the thread. Should work. And it does work!

For the last 3 years I have been treating cellulite with an effective and long lasting procedure. I am a believer, this treatment works. A very innovative company came up with a clever instrument that can numb up the unwanted dimpled skin and go in with a small puncture to release the threads pulling down on the skin. The result is instant gratification.

Most women have 20 or 30 dimples and releasing them takes about a half an hour.  Numbing makes the procedure pain free. Sure there will be some soreness and bruising later and we do advise wearing Spanx for a couple of weeks as everything heals, but it really is pretty easy. The best part is that five years after the procedure over 90% of the patients treated in the original study were still satisfied! And that is with just one treatment. The results persist whether or not the patients gained or lost weight!

I am so happy with the procedure that we can offer a very rare thing:  a one year guarantee!  The treatment is called Cellfina™. Make an appointment and see if you are a candidate now and show off your smooth thighs this spring.