The Making of a Newsletter

August 1, 2019
By: Dr. Van Dyke

It has been a while since I produced a blog, I think I’m a bit out of practice but let’s give it a shot! In fact this is the first newsletter in a long time that is completely created and put together in house, no outside help whatsoever. It has been a true pleasure to brain storm with my bright and creative clinical staff who have no professional marketing training.

Here is what we did:  last Wednesday I printed out a variety of newsletters that I like and taped them to the wall in our back hallway. Then a group of us gathered around and chatted about what appealed to us and what we might want to include in our newsletter. What caught the eye and what did not.

Boring generic pictures were out, monotonous fonts also, out. 

 Ronalda and Liz were interested in showcasing their microneedling skills and the new trend of including world class antioxidant serums with microneedling.  They are dedicated to getting the best results and have paired a series of microneedling treatments with potent retinols and antioxidants for daily results boosting. They decided to offer $250 in savings to get their patients on the right track.

Michelle loves to put on events where she can educate patients on the latest and the time tested procedures that she does. She came up with a really fun event .  We are going to reserve a full day for free Ultherapy mini treatments!  The catch?  Only that they ask for $25 reservation fee that you can use towards any skin care products. And, if you like the treatment you can have a big discount if you schedule any future Ultherapy treatment!

Jessica heads up our online shopping options and you will find what you need to know about that  in our newsletter.

Tina worked on the $50 in free Botox promotion (all you have to do is claim it!), we scored one hundred coupons just for our patients!

 Finally MJ and I put together the profile page so that you know who our talented staff are. I think it is the most important page, that and our mission statement.

Five hours later we had contributions from everybody and through the magic of “publisher” voila! We have  the newsletter that you are now reading.  I hope you enjoy it!

Now, I am going to ask you for something. Help us by giving us feedback.  What do you like?  What don’t you like? What blog topic or what event, promotion or discount would you like to see.  Log on to our facebook page or if you are more of an Instagram person then get on Instagram or even twitter and let us know what you think. Use #VDAmazing so we can track down your thoughts. And for the old fashioned among us (like me) just call 480-948-5045 or email with suggestions.

Thank you and enjoy!