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Injectables: the new buzz word in cosmetic surgery

By Dr. Susan Van Dyke
April 24, 2013

There was a time, not long ago, if you wanted to look younger you knew exactly who to talk to (the plastic surgeon). You knew exactly what you were going to do (get a facelift). Only the rich and famous could afford the procedure, as well as the ability to disappear for a month or ... read more

Ron’s Blog: A Man’s Perspective on CoolSculpting

By Dr. Susan Van Dyke
January 2, 2013

Let me start off by saying that I’m a guy’s guy - -I love football - Go Bears! I love baseball - Go Cubs! I love basketball and whatever else is televised in front of my Lazy Boy. What I don’t love are salads and my stomach. As the only male in the office, when ... read more

Five Easy Rules for Choosing Skin Care

By Dr. Susan Van Dyke
August 30, 2012

Imagine a dentist who cleans your teeth twice a year but never suggests that you brush or floss in-between visits. The dentist would have more cavities and gum disease to treat, but you as the client would be paying the price. The same can be said for skin. We love to enhance your skin with ... read more

Laser Hair Reduction: Faster and Easier than Ever

By Dr. Susan Van Dyke
July 29, 2012

Laser hair removal is now as routine as shaving. With its popularity consistently growing, the technology continues to progress into exciting, new territory. The latest advancement, the LightSheer DUET laser, has revolutionized the way laser hair removal is done. This technology is breakthrough, as treatments are three times faster than conventional lasers—and, unlike other lasers, ... read more

Clarisonic Takes Skin Cleansing to the Next Level

By Dr. Susan Van Dyke
July 9, 2012

My mom said: “Hot water, dial soap and a wash cloth”. The TV said “NEVER SOAP!!! Noxzema!” The girls at school said: “See the dirt on the cotton ball! You need toner!”…..Oh the messages I heard, all in the name of clean skin. All of this skin talk must have made an impression on me ... read more

The Tanning Mom Inspires – Dangers of Indoor Tanning

By Dr. Susan Van Dyke
June 4, 2012

Snookie, The Situation… and the next 15 minutes of fame go to a ridiculously bronzed woman who has an obvious tanning addiction; The Tanning Mom. Once again a pop culture travesty has come from my home state of New Jersey. The Tanning Mom rose to national notoriety because she allegedly took her child to a ... read more

Shape Up for Summer

By Dr. Susan Van Dyke
May 1, 2012

Five Ways to Achieve Your Best Summer Body Ever Who doesn’t dread the first sign of bikini season? After months of incredible spring weather, blossoming flowers, irresistible patio dining, and schedules packed full of social events, most of us aren’t prepared to hop into our bathing suits. Sure, the thought of this alone can be ... read more

How to Save a Life

By Dr. Susan Van Dyke
April 6, 2012

Susan Van Dyke, M.D. on how everyone can play a part in the fight to cure Diabetes Brian was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 21 Cosmetic Dermatology is one of those rare medical specialties where no lives are saved (and none lost I might add). Sometimes I wonder, am I a ... read more

Let’s Get Naked!

By Dr. Susan Van Dyke
March 6, 2012

Susan Van Dyke, M.D. on navigating non-invasive fat reduction treatment options   When you think of statements that instantly grab attention, “Let’s Get Naked” would invariably near the top of the list. It comes as no surprise that the world’s great marketing minds would flip this into a truly outstanding marketing campaign, which is exactly ... read more

Stay Healthy and Look Younger with Laser Resurfacing

By Dr. Susan Van Dyke
January 31, 2012

Susan Van Dyke, M.D. on Her Personal Experience I have been doing laser resurfacing for nearly 20 years now. In fact, I had the procedure done myself before I ever treated a patient. I was 41 years old and had just been diagnosed with skin cancer. Thankfully it was basal cell carcinoma, the most manageable ... read more


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