Our Mission Statement Expanded

December 1, 2018
By: Dr. Van Dyke

Every good business has a mission statement, at least that is what I have been told in countless business seminars, medical school didn’t offer much (or any) business education.  Having a mission or a philosophy as a uniting theme is empowering, and this is ours.

to inspire clients to achieve natural beauty at all ages

We achieve this through vision and passion for obtaining and making available the most scientifically advanced treatments.


Let’s break this open (I love that phrases!)

To inspire

  In the old days doctors were all knowing and patients relied on them to tell them what to do.  No longer is that paternalistic attitude acceptable. As a physician, particularly because my specialty is about helping people feel good about their appearance and therefore themselves, I want to inspire you to be your best, educate you so you know your options and never let you make a bad choice.


If your are not sick you don’t have to be a patient

to achieve

it is your achievement, you own it and you get the credit

natural beauty

No one (at least not too many) want to look like another species, natural is the new beautiful

at all ages.

The key to happiness is wanting what you have (not having what you want).  Face it we are the age we are, embrace it, celebrate it and make the most of it.  What that age is doesn’t define beauty and trying to be an age far removed from your current one is destined to flop.  Picture the aging and in denial movie icon.

We achieve this

It is our goal, our job and our proud moment

Through vision

We look forward, dream, invent, project, aspire

and passion

the reason we do what we do, from the heart and soul, we are driven (in a good way)

for obtaining

part of the fun is to research and try out  new and exciting developments in our field. Lecturing at American and international conferences, serving on advisory boards of the major aesthetic companies in the world and being a party to new developments gives me great pride and ensures we are leaders in our field.

and making available

Thirty-four years in practice and 40 lasers (actually the correct term is energy based device, but you know what I mean).

the most scientifically advanced treatments

we are more than lasers and machines, treatments like injectables and skin care round out our offerings. And they all mesh together to make you the best you!

And…..that’s our mission.