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NO Sugar/ NO Sweat: walk to find a cure for type 1 diabetes

By Dr. Susan Van Dyke
April 1, 2015

Upload: July 22, 2016I am all about looking and feeling your best. We do all kinds of non invasive procedures. Some for wrinkles and sundamage, others for body contouring and firming. One of the newer and more satisfying procedures eliminates sweat, odor and hair from underarms.   Imagine that, no deodorant needed! FDA approved MiraDry is a non invasive simple treatment that produces permanent results.

I am delighted that MiraDry has joined with us to support our JDRF team….. and here is why:

Ever join a team to walk or run for a cause? My first was a marathon. It was also my last matathon but that is another story. I ran and raised money for my mom. She developed type 2 diabetes when she was 50 and died from it at 77, too young. She lived with me and my 4 boys those last 15 years. My kids grew up with Nana becoming disoriented and passing out with little notice (insulin reaction) or slowly fading into lethargy (high blood sugar). They became great at assessing her blood sugar level and when to offer her insulin or orange juice or call 911.

Mom had been gone a couple of years when my heart broke as the doctor confirmed that my youngest also had diabetes. The word was all too familiar. I cried, Brian cried, the doctor darn near cried as we all tried to wrap our heads around how a strapping athletic 21 year old could have an incurable disease. His blood sugar was 4 times normal. The first insulin shot came within seconds. He hasn’t lived a minute since without finger sticks, test strips, insulin shots and an arduous awareness of every morsel of food and minute of exercise he indulges in as he tries to live a normal life. Now at 26 he is amazingly successful in his work and social life despite being tethered to an insulin pump. It keeps him alive and is the best we have till a cure.

So both my mom and son have the same disease: NO!! They actually have two very different conditions that can end with the same horrifying long-term complications (blindness, kidney failure, amputations) all due to too much sugar in the blood.

Mom’s diabetes: Type 2, a metabolic disease (my brother also has it), can often be controlled with diet and exercise and although in the end some become dependent on insulin, many do not. Type 2s make insulin but they have become resistant to it often because of excessive body weight. Weight loss has been shown to stop the disease and sometimes effects a “cure”.

My son’s diabetes: Type 1, an autoimmune disorder. It is also known as juvenile diabetes (although there are plenty of adults being diagnosed these days). Type 1s are typically of normal body weight, and are insulin dependent from the very beginning. They don’t make insulin. They don’t get cured.

I have raised money for a great organization: the American Diabetes Association but now my heart is in support of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The JDRF mission is to find a cure for type 1 diabetes.   Having looked at the research JDRF funds I am amazed and I truly believe that a cure is possible in my son’s lifetime.

And so we walk.

Join our team: “NO Sugar/NO Sweat” at the JDRF Walk on April 11.





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