The Age of the Butt

February 3, 2020
By: Dr. Van Dyke

Cellfina, the Cellulite Soultion.

I grew up in the era when skinny jeans meant skinny butts. It was a long time ago.  Styles change, culture shifts and so does fashion. Skinny jeans are meant to accentuate not minimize.


Hence the age of the butt.  My job is to help smooth body contours that are revealed while wearing these fashions, and of course when not. Cellulite is the enemy as well as unwanted bulges. Overall skinniness is not the goal, contour and tone is the prize.

Ten years ago a revolution in fat bulge treatment was developed, we were on board instantly:  CoolSculpting. Now everybody does it. Why, because it works and it is permanent (yes I said permanent). The catch, there is always a catch, is that a trained eye and experienced hand must make a plan. That plan cannot be carried out without access to all the latest CoolSculpting applicators, attachments and handpieces that mold the treatment pieces to your body.  Without the perfect fit the optimum contour is not going to happen.

My dad taught me, if you are going to do something, do it right. To me that means you don’t offer patients a treatment (CoolSculpting) and then give them a one size fits all solution (some medspas buy a single size handpiece because it is cheaper and think patients won’t know the difference). Nope, do it right (we have a dozen sizes and shapes of handpieces, all that are available because bodies are not all the same size and shape).

Dad also taught me to be truthful. To me that means don’t do treatments that patients don’t need.   If CoolSculpting isn’t the right thing for the problem then maybe surgery or liposuction is and a patient just needs an honest answer and a referral.  Maybe there is no answer and patient just needs an explanation and an honest conversation.

Same thing applies to my new favorite butt treatment: Cellfina for cellulite dimples.  It works great for dimples on butts lasts for years, takes an hour to do and is minimally invasive. That means there is local anesthetic and a bunch of little puncture-type incisions to release the under-the-skin fibers that pull the dimples down.

Not everybody is a good candidate, but if you are, the results are great and patient satisfaction is about 90% at 5 years after a single treatment!  That is pretty good.

It’s the era of the butt, might as well make it a great one!

I promise to tell you the truth about whether you are a candidate (my dad taught me that).