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I Am Not a Girly Girl

By Dr. Van Dyke
May 4, 2015

Upload: July 22, 2016I am not a girly girl, so why am I so excited about make up?

First, to understand my lack of natural attraction to make up:

My father raised me along with my 2 younger brothers.  My older sister was more of a rival than a role mode. Not a wonder that I was never a frilly princess of a child.

As for high school when make up and clothes become important…well it was the height of the hippie era.  Unadorned faces and long straight hair ruled.  We invented faded torn jeans!

I spent my college years at Wellesley which although it is a women’s college the emphasis is on becoming a CEO, not marrying one. Appearances were down played in favor of academic achievements.  I actually took half of my classes at MIT (95% men at the time) and then I chose medicine for a career (94% men at the time).  There was a strong need to fit in with the guys as an equal.  Looking pretty rarely entered into the equation.

I remember the first time I wore full make up:  it was my wedding at age 25.  Then the next 5 years were full of 100 hour weeks with 36 hour shifts at the hospital as I did my residencies in Internal Medicine and Dermatology.  No time for make up and sometimes no time for showers!

Life screams by, 4 kids are born and raised; a medical practice begins, grows and morphs into, of all things, one of the first cosmetic dermatology practices in the world!

And I am not a girly girl.  I am a scientist and a compassionate physician and mother (and grandmother J).  I want people to have a long life and a high quality of life.  I want people to feel good about themselves. I have been humbled by how small things that I can do have such a great impact on my patients. Fixing a crooked smile or smoothing a stubborn bulge can change a person’s attitude towards life.  Self esteem can be very empowering.

My excitement about make up is, believe it or not, fueled by science, Colorescience to be exact. They got my attention about a year ago with an all in one brush/applicator that delivers SPF 30 or 50 in a powder form.   The biggest issue with sunscreen is that you have to apply it every 2 hours and no one wants to.  78% of women NEVER wear sunscreen, except at the beach !!  Ladies don’t want to mess up their make up.  80% of women wear make up EVERY day.  How smart is it to combine the two, in a meaningful way.

BTW: Gentlemen don’t want greasy hands on the golf course. Problem solved…powder sunscreen in your golf bag…genius!

Now intrigued with this company I looked further.  Cosmetics that don’t harm your skin.  Lots of SPF, mineral only so no chemicals!  Primers with SPF, foundations full of nutrients, cheek and eye colors without harmful chemicals. Corrective regimens that block pigment formation, reduce inflammation and protect against UV and heat. Lip colors with SPF 35.

Protection can be pretty.

And there is nothing wrong with pretty!



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