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Fat and Sweat!

By Dr. Susan Van Dyke
August 5, 2014

drDoc’s Journey continues this month as she takes the patient’s seat and shares her experience as she receives the latest in cosmetic dermatology treatments. This month Dr. Van Dyke is discussing the latest options for a couple of embarrassing problems – pesky packets of body fat and sweat!

Two things we need more of, right?? In the age of fitness an extra bulge signals that you are not trying hard enough. A little sweat on that cute silk blouse or a white smudge on the little black dress means your hygiene is less than acceptable. I want to look my best, not perfect but darn good for where I am in life. So for August I’m tackling fat and sweat.

Fat first: I’m pretty fit, but since menopause excess bra fat has been driving me crazy!! I know others, both men and women of all ages, who have pockets of fat here and there (lower abdomen, upper abdomen, outer and inner thighs, muffin tops, love handles and more) that need sculpting.  Liposuction works great for these areas but there are problems. It’s surgery (!) with the attendant anesthesia, risks and recovery. Happily I have a plan B.

As part of my “I am turning 60 this year” campaign, I’ve decided to get rid of the back fat. So I had CoolSculpting. It took an hour on each side and I got a lot of paperwork done while I was being treated. Recovery time was zero – no pain, no numbness, no problem (individual experiences may vary).

I also hate the fat and cellulite on my thighs. Liposonix is perfect for this (although this is considered an “off label” area by the FDA, which means that they have not approved its safety and efficacy. However, studies that we participated in have been done and submitted to establish this). This is different than CoolSculpting, but is also non invasive with no downtime. The treatments are usually faster and can be less expensive; it depends on the specific areas and needs of an individual patient. Actually, sometimes we even combine the two technologies in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Now for sweat: No, I am not a person who sweats so much that I need to change my shirt three times a day. I just got tired of using chemicals daily and still having to deal with clothing marks and stains. We have been treating hyper-sweaters for years with major surgery, and more recently with Botox. And while these have produced good results, the side effects of surgery and the temporary nature of Botox have restricted these options to the really motivated patient.

For sweat-bothered people, like me, there is now a great answer!! miraDry was approved a couple of years ago but has not had much publicity until now. Just two non invasive treatments and 90% of patients reduce their armpit sweat dramatically for years (we think it’s permanent since it works by killing off a large percentage of sweat glands in the armpit, and sweat glands do not regrow). I had my first treatment 6 weeks ago and haven’t used deodorant since! My second and final treatment is due in another 6 weeks (it’s rare, but a patient may need a third treatment). No more clothing problems and I am very pleased!

Our next patient seminar event will explore all of these procedures. Join me and I will share my story with you!


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