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7 Tips for Succulent Skin

By Dr. Van Dyke
August 18, 2016
skin care

Our lovely marketing specialist, Dominique, and one of her bridesmaids in Cabo this summer.

We hope you had a great summer enjoying the Vitamin D! Some of our staff had awesome adventures to places like Cabo, Kauai, Birmingham, San Francisco, Chicago and Ireland. As great as summer is, it can also be really damaging to your skin. Here are some tips to keep your skin looking young and healthy.

1. Use sunscreen daily.

This can be hard sometimes because the last thing we want to do is add another thing to our morning to do list. If you don’t want to add a whole other step to your routine, consider getting a foundation or moisturizer that already contains SPF. We have some great options in our office like Colorescience’s Sunforgettable Primer with SPF 30- 50. You’ll look great and be protected from the sun’s harsh rays.

2. Maintain a healthy diet.

Diet is often overlooked when it comes to skin. If your diet consists of lots of sugars, unhealthy fats and processed foods, your skin could be suffering. Eat a well-balanced diet with whole foods, antioxidants, healthy fats and oils. Remember, you are what you eat.

3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Our bodies are composed primarily of water so if you aren’t taking in enough water, your body won’t function as well. Since the skin is made up of cells that need water to thrive, depriving your body of water will cause these cells to shrivel up and look unhealthy. This can also make your wrinkles look more prominent. Most people should try to drink around eight 8-ounce glasses per day.

4. Sunglasses are a must.

One of the great things about Arizona is its seemingly nonstop sunshine, even in the winter months. That being said, sunshine means it’s bright outside and you will squint to prevent excess light from entering your eyes. Unfortunately, squinting causes crow’s feet around the eyes. All the UV rays can also lead to saggy eyelids. Whip out your favorite shades and wear them every day.

5. Don’t lounge in a tanning bed.

Tanning beds can be very tempting, especially when your best friend gets back from Hawaii with a lovely island glow. It’s a quick fix, it’s convenient. But don’t be fooled, tanning beds are detrimental to your skin and health. One of the main concerns is that you are increasing your risk for developing all skin cancers including melanoma, which can be fatal. If that isn’t bad enough, exposure to intense UV rays can cause premature aging in the skin. As sad as it is, tanned skin is damaged skin. If you still desire to be tan, opt for a spray tan.

6. Add Retin-A to your routine.

Retin-A, the prescription-only, synthetic form of Retinol, is a cosmetic holy grail. It is great for treating fine lines and wrinkles and it also works well on acne. Retin-A works by speeding up the cellular turnover process. This makes the new cells come to the surface faster, revealing younger looking skin. Retin-A boosts your collagen production which is another factor of wrinkle-free skin. Collagen is what keeps your skin looking firm. When you are younger, your skin produces more collagen but as you age, the collagen production slows down. We have great Retin-A products like SkinMedica Retinol Complex, available in three different strengths.

7. Renew your skin with laser resurfacing.

Laser resurfacing works by creating millions of microscopic holes in the upper layers of the skin. The body reacts to these perceived injuries by replacing the damaged skin with new, younger-looking tissue. We offer several laser resurfacing options such as Clear + Brilliant, Fraxel, and Active FX.



Fraxel Laser Resurfacing

Remember, your skin is your largest organ, so take care of it. Come in for a consultation today, and we can determine how to address your individual skin care needs.

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