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What’s a Little Filler, Between Friends!

By Dr. Susan Van Dyke
September 5, 2014

Upload: July 22, 2016Last month I had a great trip to see my family back east.  Dad, step mom and brother are still in New Jersey, while one of my sons (#3 out of 4) is in Indianapolis.  His name is Geoff and he’s a doctor ☺ doing two residencies, Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics at Indiana University.  I tried to talk him into Dermatology, but he just loves saving lives, particularly small lives.  I like to say he saves lives and I make life worth living.  He will understand when he is older.

Whenever I head back east I take a few days for myself in NYC.  I run in Central Park, see a few shows and eat like crazy.  This time I did something a little different.  I visited my friend Heidi.

Heidi Waldorf, MD:  Mt. Sinai Medical Center, world-renowned cosmetic dermatologist and expert injector.  I didn’t go just for the lunch!

I went for me.  Being just a breath away from 60, I wanted to see what she could do for me.  As a physician, cosmetic dermatologist and international speaker/trainer for lasers and injectable myself you would think getting things done for myself would be easy.  And it is, but as you know making time for yourself is never simple.

I arrived at Mt. Sinai Department of Dermatology on the upper east side of

Manhattan.  You definitely know you are in a big hospital system.  The required paperwork was completed in a big, busy waiting area.  Dr. Waldorf’s assistant of many years, a wonderful warm woman with an endearing eastern European accent escorted me to a treatment room.  Up on the exam table, the room was WHITE, very clinical and sparse (this is a serious medical center).  In walks my friend Heidi, warm hugs, quick catch up and then she transforms to the very professional Dr Waldorf.  She assessed my face; we discussed shape, volume and balance.  I hate my profile I tell her.  I have always had a small chin and the jawline has never been strong and well defined.  I am thin, and my face is even thinner.  I have had some filler to lift my cheeks but could still use something.  I put my face in Dr. Waldorf’s hands, literally!

The procedure itself was an injection, with a very small needle, of Voluma and Juvederm (a Jell-O like substances called hyaluronic acid).  Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of skin and therefore is readily accepted into the body, and it acts by taking up space and filling out areas of volume loss and wrinkling (also depressed scars).  There are various brand names: Belotero, Restylane, Perlane, Voluma, Juvederm and more around the world.  The results can last anywhere from a few months to up to 2 years (Voluma).  I was treated in the cheek area (FDA approved area for Voluma) and in the jaw and chin area (considered “off label”, meaning the FDA has not given an opinion on treatment in that area). Juvederm was also used for some small areas around my mouth.

An hour later we were having lunch at a street side café.  I had a small bruise on my left cheek and my face felt numb slowly evolving to sore, a small price to pay for looking great.  And I was happy ☺!


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