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Clarisonic Takes Skin Cleansing to the Next Level

By Dr. Susan Van Dyke
July 9, 2012

My mom said: “Hot water, dial soap and a wash cloth”. The TV said “NEVER SOAP!!! Noxzema!” The girls at school said: “See the dirt on the cotton ball! You need toner!”…..Oh the messages I heard, all in the name of clean skin. All of this skin talk must have made an impression on me because I ended up becoming a dermatologist and opening Van Dyke Laser & Skin. It seems that I have dedicated my life to finding a solution to the age-old question: what makes good, clean skin?

While I was in search of the answer, something caught my attention at a skincare conference almost a decade ago. I was captivated by a fascinating high-tech face washing device; it was an electronic brush with a sleek appearance. My first encounter with the Clarisonic facial brush made a huge impression on me because the concept is simple and logical. It harnesses the power of ultrasonic technology to give the skin a deep cleansing. I immediately ordered a dozen and started using them to cleanse patients before their procedures. I was impressed. I ordered more and had my patients try them at home for daily use. Over the years we have placed over 500 brushes in patient’s hands and ongoing research has affirmed my early enthusiasm.

Think of the Clarisonic as a giant ultrasonic toothbrush for the face (in fact, the team that brought us the Sonicare toothbrush is behind the Clarisonic). The brush oscillates 300 times a seconds, it does not rotate like the spinning doppelgangers on the market. The result is a vibration that cleans the pores, rather than generating friction that can stretch and tear delicate collagen.

Pore cleansing is the key to vibrant skin. Pores are skin lined conduits that transport oil from sebaceous glands to the surface of the skin. Frequently the pore clogs with dead cells and sluggish oil causing dull and blemished skin. Scrubbing these pores can cause the skin to swell, which can aggravate the situation. Correctly addressing the problem, Clarisonic brushes have specialized oscillating bristles that actually cleanse the debris from within the pores. Because no two faces are alike, Clarisonic offers 6 different styles of brushes (normal, delicate, sensitive, deep pore, acne, and even one for the body).

The research is in: Clarisonic is six times more effective at removing make up than cleansing with your hands alone. With the Clarisonic you can have clearer, brighter skin that is less prone to breaking out. Being a dermatologist, what I find more exciting is the research that demonstrates better product absorption after cleansing with a Clarisonic brush! Like a sponge, your skin will saturate and employ the anti-aging serums and creams that you already love.

Studies show 60% more uptake of Vitamin C when applied after skin is cleansed with Clarisonic when compared to skin cleansed with hands and cleanser only. Vitamin C products (consider Skinceuticals C + E Ferulic Serum) are great antioxidants that work better when fully absorbed. Try using a retinoid product (like Retin A or SkinMedica’s TriRetinol Complex) after a Clarisonic facial cleansing to get more anti-wrinkle action. If you are prone to have acne, benzoyl peroxide lotions may penetrate better and prevent break outs more effectively after a high tech cleanse. Or consider adding a peptide to see the optimum in collagen stimulation.

If you want to take your existing skin care to the next level, consider how you cleanse your face. You should be proud every time you look in the mirror and the Clarisonic can help you achieve that satisfaction.

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