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By adminW
October 4, 2016

There is something truly special about helping someone not only look their best, but feel their best. Confidence is everything, and knowing that we are boosting people’s self-esteem makes everything that we do that much more meaningful to us. CoolSculpting is one of our favorite procedures here at the office. It is a non-invasive fat ... read more

Coolsculpting Comes of Age

By editor
October 1, 2015
Upload: July 22, 2016

What exciting times, in 2010 the world first was introduced to permanent non-invasive fat reduction. Finally we had something to rival liposuction without the surgery and anesthesia. CoolSculpting had two applicators, one large, one small. Although promising, there were limitations. The size and shape of the applicators determined which patients could be treated. Early marketing ... read more

Shape Up for Summer

By Dr. Susan Van Dyke
May 1, 2012

Five Ways to Achieve Your Best Summer Body Ever Who doesn’t dread the first sign of bikini season? After months of incredible spring weather, blossoming flowers, irresistible patio dining, and schedules packed full of social events, most of us aren’t prepared to hop into our bathing suits. Sure, the thought of this alone can be ... read more

Kill the Arms

By Dr. Susan Van Dyke
May 5, 2011

When did I start hating my arms? Right about the same time that Michelle Obama started to show hers.  Firm, muscular biceps with smooth, tight skin; damn her and her sleeveless dresses! What exactly is wrong with a flabby upper arm? Try the “wave test”.   Does your upper arm keep waving after you stop?  Not ... read more

JDFR Wins When Our Fans Brave the Rain

By Dr. Susan Van Dyke
April 10, 2011

Rain does not dampen anything. They say rain on your wedding day is good luck. I am here to say that rain on your big open house/fundraiser is lucky too.  After all, we are in Arizona and everyone knows it does not rain in Arizona in April. In fact only days ago it was 100 ... read more

Frostbite Has Its Benefits

By Dr. Susan Van Dyke
February 25, 2011

Who knew that the weird condition of “popsicle panniculitis” would lead to a cosmetic revolution?  Let me explain. When I was in my dermatology residency we had a kid brought to clinic with a pink firm area on his cheek. Turns out that he had left a popsicle in his mouth a little too long ... read more


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